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Brynaman Lido: Look on the bright side

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Many local people will have seen the lovely banner, so kindly provided by The Sign Group on the lido wall. You may also have seen the recent vandalism and graffiti. Whilst it was up and looking so fine, it raised the profile of our quest to get the lido reopened and helped us to raise some funds. Now that this damage has been done we’ve discovered once again that there is a silver lining to every cloud. That is our local community, the positive support that we’re receiving, and in particular our local businesses who would all like to see the lido open again.

This time we have to thank Pristine Innovation Cleaning Services for removing the most offensive graffiti. Unfortunately the wall is not in good enough shape for a deep clean so we’ll be following that up with some painting.

We know that it’s taking a long time for work to start on the refurbishment and it’s unfortunate that the Asset Transfer from Carmarthenshire County Council is taking a long time to process. Please be patient and understand that we’re working behind the scenes to try and move this forward.

We’re looking on the bright side, thanking our wonderful community for their support and our Bring it Back campaign continues to grow, slowly but surely. Please DONATE if you can.

Thanks again to Pristine Innovation, hard at work here, supporting Brynaman Lido.

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