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Brynaman Lido: Bringing it Back II

We’ve received lots of publicity for our recent good news from Carmarthenshire CC that they have agreed, IN PRINCIPLE, to the Asset Transfer of Brynaman Lido to our committee.

We’ve had some fantastic responses, promises of support and congratulatory messages, so thank you to everyone for that. We were overwhelmed and delighted that the hard work of the last few years has paid off. Now the real work begins so please watch this space for a new fundraising page, events and sponsorship opportunities as we set them up.


  • We need to emphasise that we are still at the beginning of this journey. The in principle agreement for an Asset Transfer of the property from Carmarthenshire CC is great news, but there is still a lot of work to do.
  • We have to raise a lot of money – an estimated capital budget of £1million for the all-singing, all-dancing facility that we’d like to see. Around £500k of that would be for the potential installation of a stainless steel pool similar to the one that was installed at Lido Ponty. The other £500k will be needed for refurbishment of the facility to make it accessible and high quality.
  • Our vision is for Brynaman Lido to be a sustainable, exemplar project, so investment in the latest technologies and renewable energy will be high on our agenda too.
  • It is unlikely that the pool will be open next year – our plans at their most optimistic look at opening in spring 2022.
  • We would like to thank everyone for their support and enthusiasm, but we don’t want to mislead you. It will take a lot of hard work, planning, and fundraising to get this done.
  • Please also note that some of the photographs and images that we have shared are subject to copyright and need to be credited if they are copied. In particular the 2018 images of the empty pool by Amanda Harwood and the Artist impression by Richard A Hughes based on that.


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