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Lido Mural Project

Paint is the theme of the month here at Brynaman Lido. We’re working from the outside in, clearing and creating whilst we work and raise funds for refurbishing the pool and facilities on the inside.

Last weekend we invited artists from Fresh Creative to run a workshop with local young people as part of our mural project for the long white wall outside the lido. Some amazing work and great ideas will provide inspiration for artist Ffion Nolwenn Roberts to create work that will be displayed this autumn.

Inspiration from dark skies and the natural world were amongst the ideas that the young people chose to create their mini murals.

A project grant from the Community Action Fund along with funds from the Millennium Stadium Trust have allowed us to make a start on this mural project. Thanks to our committee member Jessica Lerner for organising all of this and to all those who took part and supported on the day.

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  1. Hi, l witnessed this blatend vandalism yesterday evening, four youths one who is female pulled the perspex from the muriel. One of the male youths is on crutches, after I shouted at them the jumped on the perspex, and was joined by another male who attempted to spray on the wall. I shouted and they made off, I wish to remain anonymous due to any repercussions. I am annoyed that some young people have total disregard to the hard work, and to the good cause all are trying to achieve for the community. Someone must know who they are?

    1. Thank you for your comment. We have cleared away the perspex now and police have been informed. Your descriptions will be very helpful. Understand your wish to remain anonymous. I’m sure we’ll get to the bottom of this as the lido is not the only thing to have been vandalised recently. At least the mural remains intact.

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