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We hope you enjoy our Otter Mural. Go down and have a look.

According to Otter symbolism, they love to play and love community. We hope the Otter will bring a little feeling of hope for the refurbishment and beauty to our environment and show that the Lido is cared for.

On Sunday 8th May we had a fun unveiling event of our new mural designed and painted by Ffion Nolwenn for Fresh creative co. It was for the young people and their families involved in the project and the commitee and their families. The Mural is of an Otter swimming with tiny people swimming. Both images were inpired from the art workshop made in our previous spray painting workshop for young people that Ffion led. We celebrated the art works of local young people which inspired our new mural and young people brought their work along and had photos with their work and the mural.

We also had artist Rebecca Buck facilitating clay tile making, which will become part of a bench at Craig y nos country park. This was funded by The Big Skill.

We gave a talk and a sneak view into the Lido.

Thank you to all parents and families of the young people involved for coming along.

Thanks to Debbie Terry for helping with the clay workshop and 3yr old Seth for helping pull the curtain off.

Dyluniad murlun dyfrgwn gan Ffion Nolwenn – Fresh Creative Co / Otter mural design by Ffion Nolwenn – Fresh Creative Co

This project was funded by CAVS and the Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust

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