Postcode Community Trust Funding for Brynaman Lido

We’re pleased to report that Brynaman Lido has received £1760 from Postcode Community Trust, a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

Community Clean Up at the Lido

This funding will help us with those all-important basic running costs. Covering insurance, administration and the essential funds to run our committee and its community activities over the next year. It will enable us to plan in the knowledge that we can run a safe project during this first phase of the lido’s refurbishment. We’d like to thank the players of People’s Postcode Lottery for their help.

Lido Mural Project

Paint is the theme of the month here at Brynaman Lido. We’re working from the outside in, clearing and creating whilst we work and raise funds for refurbishing the pool and facilities on the inside.

Last weekend we invited artists from Fresh Creative to run a workshop with local young people as part of our mural project for the long white wall outside the lido. Some amazing work and great ideas will provide inspiration for artist Ffion Nolwenn Roberts to create work that will be displayed this autumn.

Inspiration from dark skies and the natural world were amongst the ideas that the young people chose to create their mini murals.

A project grant from the Community Action Fund along with funds from the Millennium Stadium Trust have allowed us to make a start on this mural project. Thanks to our committee member Jessica Lerner for organising all of this and to all those who took part and supported on the day.

Preparing for the Future

As we move through the Asset Transfer Process you may see some work going on at the lido. Carmarthenshire County Council are preparing the groundwork, making the property safe and secure before we take it over in January 2022. We’re grateful for their support as we prepare and fundraise for the restoration of the lido. There are lots of plans in the pipeline and we’ll update you as they begin to take shape.

Fundraising for this ambitious project continues. If you can help by donating please click the link below:


Photo by Graham Harries gphotography

Persimmon Grant

We’re delighted to announce that we have received a £1000 grant from Persimmon Homes as part of their Building Futures scheme 🎉. We could also still be shortlisted for a big prize of up to £100,000 💰 so keep your eyes 👀 open for more news. The £1000 will be spent on establishing a Youth Committee to support the main committee with its aim of refurbishing and reopening the pool. Details will follow in due course 🏊

Eye in the Sky on Brynaman Lido

Thanks to Graham Harries at gphotography who made this great little film of the lido using drone footage. It reveals the poor state of the lido at the moment in August 2021 and with a little imagination, allows us to see how it might look when restored. We’re working to raise funds to Bring Back this fantastic facility. We hope to start work in early January 2022.

If you can contribute to our funds please DONATE here.

We’re always pleased to receive your comments, questions and ideas. We’re researching the history of ‘the baths’ too, so it would be great to hear any stories or photos you might want to share.

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Parti Peintio: Our silver lining

Taking the time on this sunny day to report on the Parti Peintio / Painting Party which was arranged to clean up the wall that was graffitied. Our committee members and fantastic local volunteers did an excellent job. The event also helped us to connect with the local community and for you all to show us how much you still want the pool to open again. We’ll be organising other clean-up and fundraising events in the future but right now we want to thank everyone for their hard work and offers of support for our plans to Bring Back Brynaman Lido.

If you can help by donating to the refurbishment of the lido you can do so here: DONATE

Looks great now doesn’t it?!

This event and was made possible with funding from the Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust and donations of paint and equipment from local people and businesses.

Brynaman Lido: Look on the bright side

Many local people will have seen the lovely banner, so kindly provided by The Sign Group on the lido wall. You may also have seen the recent vandalism and graffiti. Whilst it was up and looking so fine, it raised the profile of our quest to get the lido reopened and helped us to raise some funds. Now that this damage has been done we’ve discovered once again that there is a silver lining to every cloud. That is our local community, the positive support that we’re receiving, and in particular our local businesses who would all like to see the lido open again.

This time we have to thank Pristine Innovation Cleaning Services for removing the most offensive graffiti. Unfortunately the wall is not in good enough shape for a deep clean so we’ll be following that up with some painting.

We know that it’s taking a long time for work to start on the refurbishment and it’s unfortunate that the Asset Transfer from Carmarthenshire County Council is taking a long time to process. Please be patient and understand that we’re working behind the scenes to try and move this forward.

We’re looking on the bright side, thanking our wonderful community for their support and our Bring it Back campaign continues to grow, slowly but surely. Please DONATE if you can.

Thanks again to Pristine Innovation, hard at work here, supporting Brynaman Lido.

Brynaman Lido: Looking forward to a better future

Look out for our lovely new banner as you walk, run or cycle past the Brynaman Lido. As we move through the spring and into a more hopeful time we’re strengthening our commitment to Bring it Back, for the enjoyment, health and wellbeing of our community.

Thanks to Richard A Hughes for the Artist Impression, based on an original photograph by Amanda Harwood

We’d like to thank The Sign Group, based at the Mountain Road roundabout, for their generosity in providing us with the banner. They have given us a real boost by their kind support and we feel encouraged in our quest to make this happen.

We’d also like to thank all of those people who have already donated to our cause.

If you’d like to help there are several ways you can do so:

  1. A donation through our charitable donation site
  2. By signing up to our Easy Fundraising site, which helps you to donate as you shop online (at no cost to you)
  3. By offering your practical support as we move forward
  4. By writing to us to tell us why you want the lido to be open and what it means to you – this helps us with planning and fundraising
  5. By following us on social media and spreading the word

If you’d like to be involved you can email us at and we’ll let you know how you can help.

Please write to us and tell us how important the lido is to you and your family. Our asset transfer from Carmarthenshire County Council is still in progress. Your encouragement will help speed up the process.

In the meantime, you can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or Instagram and share the news that it might take us a while, but we’re still working to bring back your lido.

Ein Pwll Saffir / Our Sapphire Pwll

A great inspiration for us to begin our campaign Brynaman Lido: Bring it Back is the anonymous poem Pwll Nofio which we found in the amongst the archives. The author tugs at our heart strings, describing the emotions of the boys and men who went to war, leaving behind their families and memories of the pool they had built: “what memory their sapphire pwll, times past, and wishes for those times again”.

Color logo with backgroundWhat a wonderful description of the pool as people remember it, with the sounds of children splashing and laughing that still echo in its walls. We all wish for those times again, so we’ve set up a fundraising page to begin our campaign to refurbish and reopen Ein Pwll Saffir / Our Sapphire Pwll. To donate please click the campaign logo to take you to our fundraising page.


Pwll Nofio

Wall Street had crashed and good men stood in lines.
Men like my father waited for the dole.
In fleapits they had seen the men of Europe
uniformed in black with heads held high,
while lines were formed of other men in grey
to climb aboard the cattle trucks of trains.

Each man held silent thoughts in that dole queue
hesitant to speak or share what they all knew
that high above them wisps of cloud were forming
the cirrus portents of the storm to come
and each man sighed and reached within himself
to memories of khaki and the shells.

As one by one they shuffled cap in hand
toward the table where the men in suits
would judge them ready for Parish relief
“Prepare your speech boy and make it good” she’d said
“Describe your hungry children with no shoes,
swallow what remains of pride you’re able,
pride doesn’t put a loaf upon the table.”

Together they began to dig a pwll.
Good diggers too Brynaman men. Times past
they’d tunnelled underground for coal.
Still there some of them, left beneath the fall.
They’d dug out half a mountain to get stone
but always for the owners. Trapped
Between the grinding stones of need.

But now they could make something of their own
with pick and shovel they could dig a hole
and shape the land. Something for their children,
their children, and the children long to come.

There was no flesh to spare upon their bones,
no weight to put behind the barrow load,
as day by day the Pwll took shape
until at last, when concreting was done,
and doors were fixed and painted, everyone
could stand and watch as water from the river
began to flow into that clean blue pristine
space, that they together had created.

What shouts as boys unpeeled grey vests
and leapt into the glistening water.
What shrieks from girls who’d come to look them over.

But all too few the summers by the pwll,
too few the winters of their dad’s potatoes
before the time of uniform would come
and boys lined up with men on strange platforms
to be transported and be put before the gun.
And in the nights of battle, as in some hole
they waited for the day, before the dawn
what memory their sapphire pwll,
times past, and wishes for those times again.

And so today a white haired woman stands
and watches as the mums and kids pass by
prams loaded with provision bags from Spar.
She peers through cataracts across the cwm
and can just see the wall around the pwll
and hear the shouts of children as they splash.
“My dad built that,” she says “For them.”


Please donate if you can by clicking on the campaign logo.

Color logo with background

Brynaman Lido: Bringing it Back II

We’ve received lots of publicity for our recent good news from Carmarthenshire CC that they have agreed, IN PRINCIPLE, to the Asset Transfer of Brynaman Lido to our committee.

We’ve had some fantastic responses, promises of support and congratulatory messages, so thank you to everyone for that. We were overwhelmed and delighted that the hard work of the last few years has paid off. Now the real work begins so please watch this space for a new fundraising page, events and sponsorship opportunities as we set them up.


  • We need to emphasise that we are still at the beginning of this journey. The in principle agreement for an Asset Transfer of the property from Carmarthenshire CC is great news, but there is still a lot of work to do.
  • We have to raise a lot of money – an estimated capital budget of £1million for the all-singing, all-dancing facility that we’d like to see. Around £500k of that would be for the potential installation of a stainless steel pool similar to the one that was installed at Lido Ponty. The other £500k will be needed for refurbishment of the facility to make it accessible and high quality.
  • Our vision is for Brynaman Lido to be a sustainable, exemplar project, so investment in the latest technologies and renewable energy will be high on our agenda too.
  • It is unlikely that the pool will be open next year – our plans at their most optimistic look at opening in spring 2022.
  • We would like to thank everyone for their support and enthusiasm, but we don’t want to mislead you. It will take a lot of hard work, planning, and fundraising to get this done.
  • Please also note that some of the photographs and images that we have shared are subject to copyright and need to be credited if they are copied. In particular the 2018 images of the empty pool by Amanda Harwood and the Artist impression by Richard A Hughes based on that.