About us

A Community Heritage Project
For our children and our children’s children

We aim to improve facilities to be inclusive, welcoming and sustainable, a vibrant community-owned facility for the enjoyment, access, health and wellbeing of local people and visitors. For our children and our children’s children.

Where is the Lido:

The Lido can be found behind the Brynaman rugby club, down the path just past the stands. 

Meet the Committee:

Judi Hughes,
Secretary: Arts Management Consultant (Retired)

Huw Evans,
Treasurer: Chartered Accountant at Swansea University

Jessica Lerner,
Member: Dancer & Choreographer, Yoga Teacher (former shopkeeper)

Eleri Ware,
Member: Project Finance Manager at Swansea University

Karen James,
Co-Chair: Course Director, Foundation Degree in Childhood Studies at Coleg Sir Gar

Jason Rees,
Member: Primary School Teacher, Activities Instructor

Beverley Draig:
Volunteer Coordinator: Health Care professional and Local Government Officer (Retired)

Helen Taylor:
Member: Retired NHS Doctor

Janet Ilett:
Co-Chair: Dog Trainer and Writer

Frank James,
Co-opted Member: Electrical Designer

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