Planning for the future of Brynaman Swimming Pool

An open-air swimming pool run by the community, for the community


Brynaman Lido Committee has been working since 2015 to research, plan and get support for the refurbishment and reopening of the the Brynaman Lido.

The lido is an important part of the cultural history of the village. The planned refurbishment will be sensitive to the original design of the pool and will aim to keep unique features such as the turnstile and changing booths with sympathetic adaptions that will increase access and ease of use. We want to bring back the Sapphire Pool that was built by the community, for the community and make it available to all.

We aim to use renewable energy and new technology to refurbish, rebuild and manage the facility including the use of sustainable materials, air source heating, solar energy and bore hole water sourcing which will all go towards making this an exemplar project.

To view the latest version of our plan please click on the link below:

Brynaman Lido Business Plan & Feasibility Research November 2019

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Brynamman Lido

    I got two shots today. If you ever need photos taken inside, let me know, i’m happy to take them for free. I remember using Hendy pool when I was a kid. Uk


  2. Thanks Chris. We may well take you up on that.


  3. Hi there,

    I am a student occupational therapist at Cardiff University writing an essay on open water/wild/outdoor swimming as a beneficial activity. I would like to reference your project as an example of the reversal of the trend of lido’s closing down. I’ve also been watching the project from afar for a while with interest as I am a keen outdoor swimmer living just over the border in Neath Port Talbot. Is it ok to reference your website? It will be referenced: Brynaman Lido Committee 2020 Planning for the future of a Brynaman Swimming Pool. Available at: [Accessed: 25 January 2020], unless you request otherwise.

    Many thanks



    • Hi Ruth,
      Thanks for asking. That’s fine to reference our website. Sorry for not being in touch – we have been on hold for a few months because of the lockdown. Now we’re beginning to campaign again so you’ll hear more from us in the future. It would be interesting to see your essay – we need lots of information about the importance of outdoor swimming.
      Judi Hughes, Chair


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