Mailing List

Lido Brynaman circa 2010

We’re setting up a mailing list to keep our supporters informed of progress. It’s taken longer than we hoped, but we’re almost there with the asset transfer and should have the lease signed in September, bringing the lido back into the community. This means a lot of fundraising work, volunteering and activities over the next year or so. Social media can be a bit hit and miss these days, so if you’d like to receive information and updates please email us at brynamanlido@gmail.com.

Community Foundation Wales Support

Whilst the architects, cost consultants, solicitors and planners do their work, we’re keeping the nuts and bolts of our organisation going with support from great funders like Community Foundation Wales.

We’ve been awarded grant funding for the next 3 years towards a mix of marketing, administration, insurances and other small but really important expenses that help us to keep going.

Thank you to all of our supporters to date. If you feel that you can help us in our quest to Bring Back Lido Brynaman, please go to our DONATE page where you can find details of how to support us.

Otter Mural

We hope you enjoy our Otter Mural. Go down and have a look.

According to Otter symbolism, they love to play and love community. We hope the Otter will bring a little feeling of hope for the refurbishment and beauty to our environment and show that the Lido is cared for.

On Sunday 8th May we had a fun unveiling event of our new mural designed and painted by Ffion Nolwenn for Fresh creative co. It was for the young people and their families involved in the project and the commitee and their families. The Mural is of an Otter swimming with tiny people swimming. Both images were inpired from the art workshop made in our previous spray painting workshop for young people that Ffion led. We celebrated the art works of local young people which inspired our new mural and young people brought their work along and had photos with their work and the mural.

We also had artist Rebecca Buck facilitating clay tile making, which will become part of a bench at Craig y nos country park. This was funded by The Big Skill.

We gave a talk and a sneak view into the Lido.

Thank you to all parents and families of the young people involved for coming along.

Thanks to Debbie Terry for helping with the clay workshop and 3yr old Seth for helping pull the curtain off.

Dyluniad murlun dyfrgwn gan Ffion Nolwenn – Fresh Creative Co / Otter mural design by Ffion Nolwenn – Fresh Creative Co

This project was funded by CAVS and the Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust

AHF Grant

Happy to announce that we’ve been awarded a Project Viability Grant of £10k from the Architectural Heritage Fund (AHF). The funding will pay for feasibility work to validate our exciting vision for the regeneration of Brynaman Lido.
Historical documents, photographs and memories from local people will help to inform the refurbishment. Please get in touch if you have photos and stories to share with us. brynamanlido@gmail.com

Cyllid Grant AHF

Hapus i gyhoeddi ein bod wedi derbyn Grant Hyfywedd Prosiect o £10k gan y Gronfa Treftadaeth Bensaernïol (AHF). Bydd y cyllid yn talu am waith dichonoldeb i ddilysu ein gweledigaeth gyffrous ar gyfer adfywio Lido Brynaman. Bydd dogfennau hanesyddol, ffotograffau ac atgofion gan bobl leol yn helpu i lywio’r gwaith adnewyddu. Cysylltwch os oes gennych chi luniau a straeon i’w rhannu gyda ni. brynamanlido@gmail.com


Clearing the Pool

Clearing the Lido – January 2022

On this lovely sunny morning things are beginning to happen in Lido Brynaman. Today the pool is being cleared of rubbish by contractors for Carmarthenshire CC in advance of the handover, which we hope will be quite soon now. We’ve asked them to leave us the doors that remain intact as we know that the old changing cubicles hold memories for those who swam there. We will re-use or repurpose wherever we can.

We know there are many local people who want to volunteer and get involved with the refurbishment. Once the handover is complete there’ll be lots of opportunities to take part.

We’ve got to raise a lot of money for the refurbishment and if you’re able to help with that please head over to our DONATE page.

Saving the doors – January 2022

Postcode Community Trust Funding for Brynaman Lido

We’re pleased to report that Brynaman Lido has received £1760 from Postcode Community Trust, a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

Community Clean Up at the Lido

This funding will help us with those all-important basic running costs. Covering insurance, administration and the essential funds to run our committee and its community activities over the next year. It will enable us to plan in the knowledge that we can run a safe project during this first phase of the lido’s refurbishment. We’d like to thank the players of People’s Postcode Lottery for their help.

Lido Mural Project

Paint is the theme of the month here at Brynaman Lido. We’re working from the outside in, clearing and creating whilst we work and raise funds for refurbishing the pool and facilities on the inside.

Last weekend we invited artists from Fresh Creative to run a workshop with local young people as part of our mural project for the long white wall outside the lido. Some amazing work and great ideas will provide inspiration for artist Ffion Nolwenn Roberts to create work that will be displayed this autumn.

Inspiration from dark skies and the natural world were amongst the ideas that the young people chose to create their mini murals.

A project grant from the Community Action Fund along with funds from the Millennium Stadium Trust have allowed us to make a start on this mural project. Thanks to our committee member Jessica Lerner for organising all of this and to all those who took part and supported on the day.