Donating to the Lido Project

Brynaman Lido or ‘The Baths’ as it was known locally, has been closed since 2010 and is in a state of neglect. Restoration, refurbishment and development of the pool and facilities to deliver this high quality project will take time and money. Early estimates tell us that the cost of this will be around £1million. We are raising funds from a variety of sources including grants, donations and sale of shares.

We have set up a donations page with CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) where contributions towards the lido can be received. Please click on the link below if you wish to donate.

Brynaman Lido Limited: DONATE

If you prefer to meet with us to discuss a donation, for instance if you’d like a part of the refurbishment dedicated to a loved one, please contact us by email As time progresses there will be the opportunity to sponsor, buy shares and donate towards specific developments.

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