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Parti Peintio: Our silver lining

Taking the time on this sunny day to report on the Parti Peintio / Painting Party which was arranged to clean up the wall that was graffitied. Our committee members and fantastic local volunteers did an excellent job. The event also helped us to connect with the local community and for you all to show us how much you still want the pool to open again. We’ll be organising other clean-up and fundraising events in the future but right now we want to thank everyone for their hard work and offers of support for our plans to Bring Back Brynaman Lido.

If you can help by donating to the refurbishment of the lido you can do so here: DONATE

Looks great now doesn’t it?!

This event and was made possible with funding from the Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust and donations of paint and equipment from local people and businesses.

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